A day at the spa provides a temporary escape, where you can fall off the radar and enjoy a massage, a facial, and even a manicure or pedicure. According to the United States International Spa Industry, there were 156 million spa visits in 2011, generating a revenue of $13.4 billion for the U.S. spa industry. So, it seems that the price of beauty and the great lengths that many beauty enthusiasts go to in order to defy age spots and prolong beauty may leave a dent in your wallet. In Japan, a trip to the spa may include snails — a new facial that uses snail mucus to provide moisture for the skin, reduce inflammation, and remove dead skin cells. And while Japan has unveiled what could be a growing new beauty trend, the U.S. doesn't fall behind with the array of weird beauty treatment trends.

Learn about the latest bizarre beauty treatments that can make you go "ew" or "ah." Interestingly, some of these beauty regimens have received a celebrity seal of approval.

Urine Therapy

Urine is usually released from the body and flushed down the drain — until now. Urine therapy also known as urotherapy involves using your own urine as a healing ingredient. Urine contains 95 percent water, 2.5 percent urea, and the rest is a combination of salt, various minerals, enzymes, and hormones that contain essential nutrients. When applied onto the skin with a clean, damp cloth as a beauty treatment, urine can clear up psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Morning urine is said to be the best as a facial treatment because the hormones are said to build up overnight, according to Flora Peschek-Böhmer and Gisela Schreiber, authors of Urine Therapy: Nature's Elixir for Good Health.

Bird Poop Geisha Facial

Bird poop from nightingales, specifically the Japanese bush warbler, is said to be used by Geishas to restore their look in Japan. Nightingale poop contains large amounts of nitrogen-rich urea and guanine — an amino acid that can be used when applying cosmetics, says Discovery Health. The urea in the bird poop helps the skin retain moisture while guanine creates a shimmery effect, which results in softer, lighter, and brighter looking skin. The application of a bird poop Geisha facial is compared to a chemical peel that does not cause redness or irritation of the skin.

Ground Coffee In Body Wash

Coffee is no longer just used for drinking; the morning cup of joe can be used while you're in the shower. Caffeine can do double the work when used as an anti-cellulite treatment and a skin exfoliator. As a beauty treatment, caffeine helps improve circulation while removing excess water from the skin to help it look and feel firmer. If you like the smell of coffee, then a full-body caffeinated exfoliator is just what the doctor ordered. Scrubbing your skin with the coffee grounds will get rid of dead skin cells, making your skin feel healthy and clean, reports The Times of India.

Beer Bath

It doesn't have to be happy hour for you to enjoy a beer... bath. In Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria, you can go to the spa and take a beer bath in the comfort of a warm tub, says the BBC. The happy hour beverage is found to be rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that can improve the texture of your skin and give it a healthy-looking glow. Yeast, found in beer, can aid your skin's complexion and relieve muscle stress as it helps balance the pH of skin and maintain the production of the skin's natural oil. Acnetalks.com says that while yeast kills the bacteria on the skin, it also helps support the production of white blood cells that can fight infection.

Vampire Facial

This beauty treatment is as bloody as it sounds. The vampire facial involves drawing blood from your arm and reinserting it into your face. Popsci.com reports that a doctor will poke your face with microneedles before applying the platelet-rich plasma back onto your face. A vampire facial is supposed to supply the skin with platelets that can help heal wounds and stimulate collagen growth on your face. For the 30-minute procedure, two to four vials of blood are taken and spun in a machine that separates the platelets. The protein is then injected into the patient's face.


Cupping is an Asian form of acupuncture that places heated glass cups on the skin to increase circulation and alleviate stress. The heat in the cups draws up the underlying tissues as it is left in place for a few minutes so blood stasis can form, says the Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cupping causes tissues to release toxins, increases activity in the lymphatic system, clears colon blockages, clears stretch marks, and improves varicose veins.

Fish Pedicure

In a fish pedicure, the aquatic creatures bite away the dead and calloused skin from your feet — pain-free. Doctor fish are the ones commonly used for this beauty treatment and are incorporated to treat psoriasis as well. If your feet do not contain dead skin, the fish won't bite off your healthy skin because they don't have any teeth, says Discovery Health. The beauty treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes in order to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, and then it is shortly followed by a regular pedicure.