The US President has cited the good deeds of those who had worked so hard in fighting AIDS and has expressed optimism in the eradication of the disease that has affected over twenty five million lives globally.

As among the 80 landmarks in twelve countries, the Empire State Building turned red during the night to honor AIDS day celebrations around the world. RED, a group that was founded by popular singer Bono, led this operation to end mother to child transmission of the deadly disease by the period of 2015.

There was a time when people were living with the dreaded HIV everyday, and also AIDS. President Obama called on recommitting on building from the success on prevention and treatment of the affliction to put a stop on the stigma plus the discrimination that surrounds and hounds people affected by these diseases.While the commemorations are going on, people outside were holding a mock funeral denouncing lack of access on caring for the penniless. A Philadelphia pastor pleaded to President Obama to do a lot more in keeping his promises during his campaign sorties during the elections wherein he ran for the top position of the land. Gospel songs were hummed around the pastor as he made the plea.

The present US Administration embarked on a plan last July seeking to reduce the resurgence of new infections brought about by these afflictions by 25% in each year, till the coming of 2015. He vows to finally eradicate the disease from its existence on earth. There has been a strategy that was set in the US and Federal funds for its research amounted to 2.8B in dollars way back 2009.

The US has provided an anti-retroviral treatment that can save lives of up to 3.2 million people, including children in all parts of the world. This has been funded by the presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief for this year. They have committed to support 4 million people for treatment which is double the number of patients during the first 5 years of this emergency plan, which was launched by the Obama’s predecessor, Bush in 2004.

The present administration has also pledged billions of dollars between the periods of 2011 to 2013 Global Fund in fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis, including Malaria. This is a partnership forged between governments, the civil society, private sector, and including communities which were affected by these three killer diseases. From among them, AIDS is considered as the worst.