Belladonna, an ingredient in homeopathic drugs could harm our bodies if it is taken in excess. The US food and drug administration or FDA has had reports of children becoming toxic due to heavy dose of Belladona.

After investigations by the FDA, the makers of Hyland's teething tablets have issued a warning to consumers that they should not take the drug and instead dispose it off. The FDA investigations found inconsistency in the dosage of Belladona in Hyland's tablets. The tablets are given to children to ease the irritation and discomfort in their gums when new teeth grow.

Excess use of Belladonna could potentially bring breathlessness, tiredness, weakness and constipation and the FDA has advised parents to be cautious and not give it to children.

Hyland's manufacturers claimed that a small quantity of Belladona is added to their tablets. But the FDA investigation found that the manufacturers did not follow the quality norms while making the medicine.