“It’s like the inner hallway of the vagina or something?” This was the response that one male participant gave when asked to describe the cervix.

According to a recent video by the ever-popular Buzzfeed, many men are clueless when it comes to the female anatomy. The video, entitled, "Men Explain The Vagina" shows a few men from the Buzzfeed staff using a medical model to answer questions about a human vagina.

Some of the questions included: Where does pee come out? and How do you stimulate a clitoris? The answers might cause a few chuckles, but it is surprising to see how many men didn’t have substantial answers to these questions.

Of course a few of the answers need to be clarified — some men thought that urine came out of the anus — but it would be interesting to see how many women actually know the makeup of their anatomy as well.

Comments on the video included people questioning their sex lives: “I’d be surprised if these guys had good sex lives.” But does the lack of knowledge equate the quality of performance? The answer might not correlate so easily.

Take a look at the hilarious (and a little disturbing) recap of the Buzzfeed men answering some of these questions: