Looking at our bodies in detail is something that many people feel uncomfortable with. And with the media and industries like pornography constantly imposing what they deem “beautiful” or “attractive,” the reality of how someone’s body should be gets lost. An online blogger and personality, named Davey Wavey, owner of Daveywaveytv.net decided set out to give women a chance to look at themselves up close and personal.

In a video called, “Women See Their Vagina For First Time!” Wavey advertised to women via Craigslist, seeking those who had never actually looked at their vagina before. One woman who participated in the event was shocked when she looked down at the mirror that was below her feet. "I keep it shaved, so she looks like an old bald-headed man,” she said.

Wavey starts by asking the women why they had never looked at their vagina before. A few of the women attributed it to their weight. Others were self-conscious about how they might look down there. “I’m afraid it’s going to look ugly,” another woman said.

One woman even gives a heartbreaking response as to why it’s hard for her to even look at her own body. “I was raped, and just kind of pushed it out of my mind,” she explained.

As they step in to the, “vagina booth” which is a contraption that Wavey designed, they take the hand mirror provided by him and take a look. Some of the women are shocked by what they see, and not because they are frightened, but because they had never bothered to look before.

It’s important for women to look at their bodies and inspect them periodically for any type of changes.