If you ever wanted to skip the taste of vodka or the waiting period to feel a buzz from sipping your drink, you might want to give vaping alcohol a shot. Yes, now it’s possible to breathe in booze to get drunk. But the high you experience from the “Vapshot” is going to be pretty different from that warm belly feeling you get after taking an old-fashioned shot at a bar. See below:

The Vapshot (pronounced "vape shot"), which comes with an entire kit for you to vape alcohol at parties and at home, allows you to pour your drink of choice into a box, place a needle into something that looks like a water bottle, and screw off the top — Voila! — you have alchoholized vapor to breathe in. What this does is essentially provide a quicker route for the alcohol to get directly to your bloodstream, making you feel the buzz instantly without having to take the time to consume small sips of liquor or beer. While this all sounds dandy, the Vapshot also costs $699.00 (the stainless steel version, meanwhile, is $899.00), making it seem to be something that only highly wealthy people might want to throw money at. And whether it simplifies the drinking process is still in question; it might in fact complicate it.

Pick Your Poison

The first step is choosing what alcohol you want to use. You can use any type of liquor you want — vodka, whiskey, rum — and it’s most likely going to taste and feel different from the liquid from. Who knows, you might like it even better. Open the cover of your Vapshot mini and pour it inside.

Inject The ‘Vapshot Bottle,’ Let It Pop

Once you’ve injected the needle into the ‘Vapshot bottle,’ which resembles a see-through water bottle, you’re supposed to press a button and count to 20, according to the company's strange promotional video (which is narrated by an oddly robotic voice). Then, you twist the top of the bottle and it’ll pop open, bursting with light grey vapor, similar to a champagne bottle.

Inhale With A Straw

Stick a straw into the vapor-filled bottle and suck in. The vapor will enter your bloodstream immediately, giving you a heady but lucid buzz instantly. It won’t last very long, but all you have to do is puff again.

Adam Clark Estes, a writer who tested out the product, wrote on Gizmodo:

“That buzz. I’m not going to lie. It feels good. And it’s not necessarily the same buzz as you get from drinking alcohol, either. Since the alcohol doesn’t have to travel down to your stomach and through your intestines before its absorbed into your bloodstream, there’s an immediate life that reminded some of us of a very toned down whippit high… I can’t help but compare the whole thing to vaporizing pot, except a weed high lasts three to four hours. A Vapshot drunk seems to last approximately 60 seconds.

It definitely sounds fun, but as noted earlier, the buzz will be different from that of actually ingesting alcohol.

The Risks Of Breathing In Booze

As with most things involving smoking and/or alcohol, the practice comes with its own dangers. For one thing, inhaling alcohol can be even more dangerous than simply drinking it because it goes directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and liver. This makes it much easier to overdose on alcohol than if you were drinking it. In addition, it’s impossible to vomit out something you’ve never consumed; throwing up the way-too-many tequila shots you threw back mixed with your dinner is your body’s way of protecting you from alcohol poisoning.

Most vaporizers like the Vapshot Mini are bound to be pretty safe, though. The vapor in a single bottle actually only is worth about 1/60th of a shot, Vapshot notes, so it would take several puffs to actually feel buzzed. The company defends itself on its website: “Vapshot…contains very little alcohol, but enough to give you an instant buzz and make you feel like you just drank a liquid shot of alcohol, but because it’s just a fraction of the amount, it only lasts 15 minutes.”

But take this with a grain of salt: while it may be quite difficult to get dangerously drunk by vaping (you’d have to take a lot of puffs within an hour), attempting it is still incredibly risky. Unless you have the cash and a desire to experiment with strange new faux-futuristic products, perhaps sticking to old-fashioned shots is still the best way to get crunk.