Vegan weed. It’s either an oxymoron or a paradox because it doesn’t make sense.

Marijuana’s a plant so its got to be vegan, right? And how can any animal tissue or animal stuff grow in a plant? Weed isn’t a carnivorous plant like the Venus Fly Trap or the Pitcher Plant.

It turns out that for a really small minority of weed users that are also die hard vegans, vegan weed is the only kind of weed they care to use. For these people, there really is a big difference between ordinary marijuana and vegan marijuana.

A real vegan will avoid products from animal sources. For these people that are also weed users, the ordinary marijuana plant doesn’t meet their criteria for being vegan.

Why? Because most marijuana plants are fertilized with products derived from animal sources. You read that right.

Vegan weed users will only use weed that hasn’t been fertilized with organic fertilizers such as animal manure, bat guano, pig blood, chicken blood, fish guts, worm castings and bone meal, among others.

The problem is the cannabis industry and individual marijuana farmers rely on these organic nutrients to grow a healthy crop yields. Toxic chemical fertilizers are a thing of the past and most marijuana growers no longer use this kind of fertilizer.

That’s what vegan weed means.

Most people will be hard pressed to find anyone they know that’ll be as picky as to only use vegan weed. In the first place, are there any certified growers of vegan weed? And how will buyers know a weed is vegan? How will they test for it?

It’s a can of worms but that’s how it is in our politically correct society where respect is a really big deal.

But technology might still invent fertilizers that aren’t organic and aren’t chemicals either. Right now, what’s on the market are a number of vegan friendly fertilizers, both pre-made and homemade.

But to be absolutely certain the weed they use is indeed vegan, users are left with the option of growing their own plants.

marijuana plant
Cannabidiol is one of at least 113 active compounds found in the marijuana plant. Photo courtesy of Pixabay
Marijuana Plants
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