What seemed like an ordinary trip to the hospital turned into “a living nightmare” for 15-year-old Trevor Sullivan and his family. Trevor’s parents, Kimberly and Philip, thought a series of worsening symptoms were due to the common cold, but they soon learned that Trevor was suffering from severe heart failure that would require a heart transplant. The next couple of months would mean a lot of worrisome waiting for a viable organ donor.

Trevor, who was 14 at the time of his initial emergency room visit, was immediately airlifted to CS Motts Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Doctors were able to shock his heart twice to normalize his heartbeat, but they knew right away the teenager would require a heart transplant if he had any chance of surviving. People around Trevor’s age tend to have a normal heartbeat of around 85-100. Trevor’s was 180-200.

Although Trevor’s name was placed at the top of the transplant list, the family would wait an entire nine months before getting the call from doctors telling them a heart was available. Trevor’s doctors prepped him for surgery on November 13, which according to Kimberly, couldn’t come soon enough judging by her son’s deteriorating health. The day came and the risky surgery went off without a hitch. Trevor’s dad was even able to capture the above video that tells you everything you need to know about how happy Trevor was.

"I really like the video, actually," Trevor told ABC News. "I think it's really cool and I wish everyone in the world can see it because it really makes a difference. It promotes organ donation and people can see the outcome of it and how happy they really are. I feel fine after recovery. I can do anything now. I do feel really relieved."

Trevor’s dad ended up sharing the video to Gift of Life Michigan’s Facebook page on January 19 where it has already garnered more than 1,100,000 views. While the Sullivan family did not know who ended up making the much-needed organ donation, they did have a message for the person: “Thank you for saving my kid.”