A father and son were found in a jungle in Vietnam, wearing loincloths made of bark and having survived in a tree house for 40 years. They were discovered by a group of locals who were searching for firewood in Quang Ngai province.

Ho Van Thanh, 82, and his son Ho Van Lang, 41, fled into the jungle in 1971, when their house was bombed during the Vietnam War, killing Thanh’s wife and two older sons. Thanh took Lang, who was one years old at the time, and ran into the jungle, where they have lived since.

They built a house in the trees and have refused to re-enter society, even when Thanh’s youngest son found them 20 years ago. His second surviving son, Ho Van Tri, who was a newborn on the day the house was bombed, had been rescued by a family member after his father and brother escaped to the forest.

Though Ho Van Tri has brought them salt and oil every year, the Thanh and Lang have hid whenever anyone has tried to coax them back out of the jungle.

“They still feel frightened despite being taken to an isolated area,” Le Van Vuong, vice chairman of Tra Xinh Commune, told DTI News. “They do not know how to speak the Kinh people’s language. They just know a few words of Cor ethnic minority people's language and use body language to express themselves.”

Ho Van Thanh is 82 years old and was too weak to move when they were found, so men had to carry him out of the jungle in a hammock.

The Thanh Nien News reported that the father and son ate cassava, corn and wild leaves for their daily sustenance. They also made and smoked their own tobacco, and had developed a 2.47 acre field where they had planted sugarcane.