Popping Vitamin E pills could trigger a particular type of heart stroke. A study by the British Medical Journal says that one in every 1250 people can have a hemorrhagic stroke or bleeding in the brain. However experts could not say what level of vitamin E was harmful.

The study was carried out at Harvard Medical School and INSERM in Paris by researchers from France, Germany and the US who studied approximately 119,000 people.

A hemorrhagic stroke is the least common type of stroke and occurs when a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain ruptures. Researchers say that vitamin E increases the risk by 22%. Interestingly, the study also finds that vitamin E could actually cut the risk of ischemic strokes (most common type stroke and accounts for 70 per cent stroke) by 10%. Ischemic strokes account for 70% of all cases and happen when a blood clot prevents blood reaching the brain.

The scientists have cautioned that it is wise to maintain a low blood pressure and low cholesterol in order to cut ischemic stroke risks than taking vitamin E.

Those who survive a brain stroke are generally left with disability. The authors have said: "Given the relatively small risk reduction of ischemic stroke and the generally more severe outcome of hemorrhagic stroke, indiscriminate widespread use of vitamin E should be cautioned against."

Previous studies have suggested that vitamin E can protect the heart from coronary heart disease.