Parties, cheering for our favorite sports team, or simply enjoying a break from work are occasions where we drink, sometimes in excess. After a few rounds, we start to feel inebriated, and cringe at the bad taste of liquor and the inevitable hangover in the morning. To avoid the cons of alcohol, including calories, taste, and hangovers, people go to great lengths to get a buzz — no drinking required.

Approximately 20 percent of alcohol is absorbed in our stomach when we drink, while the other 80 percent is absorbed by the small intestine, according to Brown University. Our liver helps filter out toxins to prevent us from ingesting too much alcohol, which is why we end up puking.

Typically, alcohol stays in your bloodstream until it is broken down by the liver. However, unconventional methods to getting drunk allow alcohol to directly enter the bloodstream and bypass the liver. This can make the body susceptible to blood-alcohol poisoning.

Our blood alcohol level is used to legally define whether or not we’re drunk. The legal limit for blood alcohol usually falls between 0.08 and 0.10 in most states, says Medline Plus. A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.60 will cause breathing to stop, and eventually lead to death.

Despite these risky health issues, people have come up with the most bizarre ways to get drunk, without actually drinking.

Warning: Do not do any of the following. They could be deadly.

Butt Chugging

Alcohol enema, colloquially known as "butt chugging," involves ingesting alcohol through the rectum. The abundance of capillaries and blood vessels in the rectum increases the speed that alcohol enters the bloodstream as it bypasses the liver. In 2004, a Texas man died after his wife administered a Sherry enema, causing his blood alcohol level to soar to 0.47.

Eight years later, butt chugging became a trend at the University of Tennessee, where one student was taken to the hospital with a blood alcohol level of 0.40 — five times the legal limit. The student died shortly after.

Vodka Tampons

Vodka tampons are exactly what they sound like — tampons drenched in vodka, and inserted in the vagina. This trend is more popular among teenagers in order to receive a quicker high that lasts longer, and is more intense. According to a CBS 5 report, teenagers are soaking them in vodka first before using them. It gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream where there is no barrier, or stomach acid to slow it down. This can lead to mucosal irritation, which means the vaginal wall can be irritated.

Vodka Eyeballing

The “eyeballing” fad is the practice of “drinking” vodka by pouring the liquor directly into the eye. Vodka is comprised of 40 percent pure ethanol; inserting vodka in the eye would create inflammation, and lead to very little being absorbed. Alcohol sears the capillaries and they close off rather quickly. The reported rush felt by teens more likely comes from the adrenaline derived from the intense pain, rather than the alcohol. This can lead to permanent eye damage.


Snorting is never a good idea, especially alcohol. In 2014, teens started the new trend by snorting small shots of alcohol, primarily gin, to get intoxicated quicker. Snorting alcohol can lead to addiction or dependency much faster than drinking alcohol because the effects are much more rapid and intense. It doesn't go through the stomach or the liver for filtration and detoxification, and goes straight in through the sinuses.


The injection of alcohol via syringe and into the veins is an extremely dangerous trend. Doing so can permanently damage the veins. Instead of taking an hour for the alcohol to absorb, the alcohol is there instantly in the bloodstream. For example, if a 165-pound person drinks 5 ounces of 100 proof moonshine containing 60 grams of ethanol, this will go straight into the bloodstream containing approximately 5 liters of blood, according to HowStuffWorks. There will be a moment or two where the BAC is 60/5,000 — a toxic, possibly fatal level — before that alcohol diffuses into the water and fat of the entire body and falls by a factor of 10 to 60/50,000.

Alcoholic Gummy Bears

The lesser of all evils — alcoholic gummy bears. Teens are using gummy candy (bears and worms to be exact) to get drunk by soaking the candy directly in vodka. The dangers behind this, aside from alcohol poisoning, is kids of all ages could accidentally ingest these soaked candies if easily accessible.