Wahl Recalls All Deluxe Heat Massagers For Fire Risk

It's important to know what your medications are capable of doing, besides treating the intended disorder. Reuters/Jason Reed

Wahl Clipper Corporation issued a voluntary recall of its Deluxe Heat Therapy Massagers (Model 4212). The handheld massager could be a fire hazard. The intersection of the massaging heads and the body can spark and smoke. All of the massagers are being recalled.

Owners are encouraged to contact Wahl at 800-767-9245 or email at techsupport@wahlclipper.com. The company has promised to accept the defective massagers as well as offering customers $10 “for the inconvenience” according to its statement.  

Thus far, no injuries have been reported.

In 2018 6.8% of all fires were caused by electrical malfunctions, around 25,000 fires.

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