The superstore Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has recalled 73,400 sets of card tables and chairs because they may pose a risk of an unexpected collapse, leading to dangerous injuries, such as finger amputations.

Up to 10 consumers who bought the chair sets have reported injuries, which include sprained fingers, a sore back, and chopped off fingertips. Some have also reported finger amputations. The Mainstays card table includes four black padded metal folding chairs, made by Dongguan Shin Din Metal & Plastic Products Co. They were sold in Wal-Mart stores nationwide throughout May 2013 and up to November 2013, costing about $50. “Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled card table and chair sets and return the entire set to Walmart for a full refund,” the Consumer Product Safety Commission wrote. “The chairs can collapse unexpectedly, posing a fall hazard and a risk of finger injury, including finger amputation.”

Fingertip injuries are often common accidents that can occur at home or at work, from a finger being slammed in a door, or slicing vegetables. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), a fingertip injury can involve damage to the skin and soft tissue, bone, as well as the nail. Fingertips contain a large amount of nerves and are thus quite sensitive. “Without prompt and proper care, a fingertip injury can disrupt the complex function of the hand, possibly resulting in permanent deformity and disability,” the AAOS wrote. There are two main types of finger injuries — injury without exposed bone, and one where bone is exposed. Typically, reconstructive flap surgery, which involves covering the chopped off part with new skin, can restore the finger. Another option, which is a complicated surgical procedure, is replantation, where the surgeon reattaches the amputated piece.

If you are suffering from a fingertip injury, make sure you elevate that finger and apply ice to reduce swelling and bleeding. Cover the wounded part with a dry and sterile cloth, then create a short splint if possible. If an entire finger or fingertip has been cut off, clean the chopped-off part with water or saline, cover it in gauze and place it in a watertight bag. Place the bag on ice, but not the amputated part directly on ice.