Every day more than 10,000 people rush into emergency rooms seeking treatment for sports-related injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Children and adolescents under 25 years old make up about one-third of all sports recreational and exercise-related injuries (SRE). Louisville guard Kevin Ware’s horrific injury was watched worldwide. Jaws dropped, people cried, others fell out of their seat when he broke his leg while playing against Duke. Ware’s bone stuck outside of his leg, a traumatic moment in sports history. Ware’s injury definitely topped the sports' worst injury list, but what about the weirdest?

Akilah Hughes, of the YouTube channel smoothiefreak, fills you in on some of the weirdest sports injuries. Some of them are just embarrassing. Others will make you raise your eyebrows. You can’t help but laugh at baseball player Jose Cardanel’s reason for not playing at a game.

He said the crickets kept him up at night. Red Sox pitcher Clarence Blethen’s injury was probably the strangest. Blethen’s strategy to intimidate his opponents was very odd. Instead of wearing his false teeth, he would keep them in his back pocket. In 1923, he forgot to put them back in his mouth. When he batted and slid into second base, his teeth bit him right through his pocket. Ouch! Can you imagine running and bumping into a sleeping moose? That’s what happened to football player Svein Grondalen. The moose was scared and charged at him. To save his own life, he jumped down a hill and injured his leg. For more weird sports injuries, check out Mental Floss' video below: