Study after study has shown that excessive consumption of highly processed carbs and sugar can put a person at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The trick is finding satisfying substitutes for that soda and white bread. We suggest the following.

Replacing Sugar In Your Diet

A discussion regarding weight loss or a healthier body normally prompts a discussion on how to reduce sugar consumption. Even eating fruits and vegetables has prompted healthy exchanges among experts.

As such, here are reasons to cut back on sugar, and substitutes for it:

Replace sugar with natural sources

Despite the controversy over whether natural sugar is any less harmful than the processed kind, the least complicated way to cut back on sugar is by replacing it with a natural alternative. Jaggery, for example, can be added to both tea and coffee.

Opt for detox water over sodas

A 2010 Diabetes Care study found that those who drank sugar-laden drinks, 1 to 2 servings a day, had a 26 percent greater chance of developing diabetes than those who drank one serving or less a month. Drink detox water instead, which is made by infusing water with crushed fruits and vegetables for some added flavor.

Bag the can

Canned fruits usually contain syrup, which also has sugar. Instead, buy fresh fruits for a healthier alternative.

Hide the sugar bowl

Don’t want sugar? Then remove it from the dining table. Out of sight, out of ....

Munch on whole foods

A 2007 Archives of Internal Medicine study conducted among Chinese women found that those who ate foods containing highly processed carbohydrates had a 21 percent greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes than those in the group who ate whole foods. Additionally, they also keep you feeling sated for longer, helping you avoid munching on those snacks sitting on top of your trefrigerator.

Both white and brown sugar came from either the sugarcane or sugar beet plant but they have different properties. Pixabay