It’s definitely not the most romantic thing to do, but Canada’s top doctor, Theresa Tam, MD, has advised the public to skip the kissing and wear a mask if you plan on having sex with a new partner.

As Dr. Tam said during a press conference in Ottawa, there’s not much concern the COVID-19 virus can be spread through semen or vaginal fluid. But, since it is spread through droplets, kissing and close sexual activity are risky. “Like other activities during COVID-19 that involve physical closeness, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of getting infected and spreading the virus,” she said.

Sexual activity with a partner you live with and have been isolating with is not risky – it’s activity with people who are outside your bubble or who have been in contact with others who may be infected that can be.

And it’s not just Canada that is weighing in on sex in the time of COVID-19. In July, the New York City Department of Health issued a memo that addressed sexual activity and safety. It offers suggestions regarding safe sex, as well as monitoring yourself should you engage in sex with someone who may have been infected.

It seems like there is no part of life that hasn’t been touched by the pandemic.