Losing the pregnancy weight gain doesn’t mean you have to have a really hard time on your weight loss plan and it doesn’t mean going hungry. Infact, if you follow the right healthy eating and lifestyle plan then you will not only lose the baby weight but you will also feel healthier and learn how to set a better healthy eating example to your family.

However, there are some common mistakes that we all make which can hinder our weight loss. Below are the top ten weight loss mistakes so you can see what not to do!

1. Thinking the weight will just fall off if you take a magic pill or potion. It won’t. Weight loss takes committment and healthy weight loss should be done over a sensible period of time with the aim to lose 500g-1kg a week. The focus should be on healthy eating, cutting out junk food and exercising. Pills which claim to ‘lose weight fast’ are not healthy, can lead to all kinds of side effects and are not safe in breastfeeding.

2. Not eating enough protein. Protein is critical in weight loss. It helps to keep you fuller, build lean muscle and helps to boost the metabolism. You should aim for some protein at every time you eat but it should always be combined with complex carbohydrates, fruit or vegetables to ensure your body is getting a good balance of nutrients that work well together and aid absorption and digestion.

3. Eating too many carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and wholegrain pasta, rice and bread are good (white and processed bread and pasta is bad for weight loss) but you should watch your portion size. Keep to 1/4 of your plate size to carbohydrates and 1/4 protein and 1/2 veggies. If you consumer too many you will be intaking too many calories.

4. Not getting enough fibre. Fibre and looking after your inner health is critical for helping to lose stomach fat and ensuring adequate nutrient absorption. Fibre helps your body to detox and get rid of the toxins plus helps you feel fuller for longer

5. Not drinking enough water. Water is critical for helping to rid the body of waste and toxins and thirst can often me mistook for hunger so always drink water at the first signs of hunger.

6. Not eating regularly enough. For the metabolism to work effectively it needs to be refulled every few hours. So make sure if you always have some healthy snacks on hand to snack on and don’t skip meals

7. Not doing exercise. Weight loss is 80% diet but it is important to still do exercise. The exercise will increase your metabolism, release feel good endorphins, help you tone up and increase weight loss. Aim for a 30 minute fast walk every day plus incorporate exercises that use the larger muscle groups to boost metabolism such as squats, mini push ups or light weights

8. Keeping junk food in the house. You need to throw out all junk food as if you keep it in the house there will be moments of weakness and you will binge. Chuck it all out!

9. Not being motivated enough. You need to be really honest with yourself and write down why you want to lose the weight. Really think about it and keep your reasons close at hand so when you feel demotivated you look back at your reasons and keep going

10. Incorrect portion size. You must not have the same portion size as your partner! Your plate should be split into 1/4 wholegrain carbohydrates, 1/4 lean protein and 1/2 veggies. If you watch your portion size you will have your weight under control