The man with the 132-lb. scrotum is in the news again and this time it’s because he will be featured on TLC’s Strange Sex this Sunday.

In the TLC trailer for his episode, Wesley Warren Jr. humorously described his enlarged scrotum as “probably equal to a very large 200lb sack of potatoes."

The series Strange Sex depicts the “strange” sexual habits of different men and women — from a man breastfeeding from his wife to help with his erectile dysfunction to a man who gets aroused by the smell of a woman’s feet.

Warren's episode, "Cleaning With Passion," will provide details on his life since 2008 when he began living with the enlarged scrotum. His condition is known as scrotal lymphedema, which is a disease that causes the scrotal skin to thicken and, in some cases, leads to elephantiasis. Warren's case is very rare, especially in the United States; incidents of extreme elephantiasis usually occur in Africa and Asia

A few weeks ago, after his mini documentary was filmed, Warren underwent surgery to have his scrotum removed. After it was completed, he was saddened to find that he was now left with a one-inch penis.

According to the Guinness World Records, Warren currently has the title of largest scrotum, as reported by TLC.