You know you should wait for that cheesy slice of pizza to cool, but sometimes, hunger gets the best of you. Usually you pay the price in the form of a burn on the roof of your mouth, which can be an annoying reminder for days. Of course, it’s easier to just avoid these painful burns to begin with, but we know that’s not as easy as it seems. Here are four practical ways to cope when the inevitable happens.

Drink Something Cold

Immediately following a burn, sip on cold water or suck on ice chips to reduce inflammation, advises Dentist Hadie Rifai to Everyday Health. Or, you can use it as an excuse to eat a popsicle or other cold treat.

Provide Extra Protection

If you’ve ever eaten something spicy, a well-meaning friend likely told you to sip on some milk. Turns out they’re right. Just like milk can provide relief to the burn of spicy food, it can help the burn on the roof of your mouth by coating the area and reducing inflammation, reports Buzzfeed Health.

Change Your Diet

Yes, you’ll need to avoid certain foods, but only for a few days. “You’ll want to stay away from Tabasco sauce and limit your intake of spicy foods for a few days after suffering a pizza burn,” cautions Van B. Haywood, doctor of dental medicine in Prevention. “These types of foods will aggravate the burn and cause you more pain.” Similarly, you’ll want to avoid extra crunch or salty foods, as they too can make eating a less than enjoyable experience.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

While it’s hard to resist picking at the remnants of your burn, Dr. Alison Bruce, a dermatologist dealing with mouth burns, told Buzzfeed that doing so can leave you open to infection. In addition to keeping your hands out of your mouth, Bruce suggests gargling with a saltwater rinse (like when you have a sore throat), made up of one cup of warm water and half a teaspoon of table salt.