The results of a survey, taken to gauge what men and women notice first about the opposite sex, place eyes at the top of the list. Of course, this information could be misleading, given that the data was gathered by UK eye drop manufacturer Murine.

“Eyes usually tell us a lot about a person so we aren’t surprised that eyes are what draws us to the opposite sex,” a representative from Murine told the Daily Mail. “Until you get to talk to a person for the first time, all you have to go on is the way they look, a simple smile is also something that both genders notice in each other. It goes to show that men and women are more alike than many would previously had thought.”

Questionnaires distributed to 2,000 participants — 1,000 male and 1,000 female — asked which part of the body they noticed first when meeting someone of the opposite sex. Surprisingly, 70 percent of male respondents listed eyes, and a large portion of women seemed to agree.

A good-looking smile ended up in second place on both lists, while one of the favorites for most men, breasts, landed at number three. After a pearly-white smile, women were interested in a man’s height. Good skin was the last thing that women noticed, according to the study, and men were least interested in a woman’s nose.

“This study almost crushes the common stereotype that the first thing men look at is a woman’s chest, however it came third on the list so it’s not quite a changed habit,” the Murine representative told the Daily Mail. “Getting attention from the opposite sex boosts your confidence so using your eyes and smile in positive ways really gives you a good chance of getting welcomed attention, even if it’s innocent.”

A similar analysis conducted by Pantene deemed hair as the first physical quality that men notice on women. Sixty percent of the men who responded to this poll claimed that they would rather date a woman with great hair than a woman with big breasts. However, hair landed at number four on the both the men's and women’s lists in the Murine study.