Herman Cain, the contender for the Republican nomination for President, has getting a lot of publicity for his so-called 9-9-9 economic plan, which he calls called a “fair, neutral, transparent, and efficient” tax plan.

The plan – which would have to be approved by Congress - establishes three flat taxes at 9 percent on business, individuals and sales tax.

Cain says the plan would unite all taxpayers “so we all pay income taxes and no one pays payroll taxes.”

He said the plan would provide the least incentive to evade taxes and the fewest opportunities to do so.

He adds that the plan would also relieve a $430 billion “dead-weight burden” on the economy related to compliance, enforcement and collections in the tax system.

Cain says that among the features of the plan would be to end “nearly all” deductions and special interest favors.

On his website, Cain describes the plan in the following way:

Business Flat Tax – 9%

Gross income less all investments, all purchases from other businesses and all dividends paid to shareholders.

Empowerment Zones will offer additional deductions for payroll employed in the zone.

Individual Flat Tax – 9%

Gross income less charitable deductions.

Empowerment Zones will offer additional deductions for those living and/or working in the zone.

National Sales Tax – 9%.

This gets the Fair Tax off the sidelines and into the game.