If you’ve ever looked in the toilet before flushing and thought, “Well that doesn’t look right,” you are not alone. Unfortunately, the colors of our poops and pee are not generally considered appropriate table conversation and it could be embarrassing to talk about the stinky stuff that comes out of us.

Luckily, Fix.com can be your waste guru, with its detailed animations of what different textures and colors mean when it comes to your feces and urine. For example, your poop should be “well formed and should sink in water” — a floater denotes too much fat. And if your urine is cloudy, you might have a bladder infection.

Although your kidneys are always working, Philadelphia physician Dr. Lucy Hornstein wrote on Fix.com, “they filter down to about a liter of urine a day, give or take.” Different colors in that urine could mean different things. If you look down and see green fluid, it may be because of the blue food coloring in the popsicle you ate earlier.

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The infographics also tell us what is normal for our bowel movements and golden streams. Good news: Despite what some people may have us believe, normal does not appear to include poop smelling like potpourri. And, more shockingly, it’s a myth that we should strive to have pee as clear as water.

“Healthy urine is yellow,” Hornstein writes. “The idea that lighter is better comes from fear of dehydration. There’s only so much water your body needs, and while it’s important to keep up with water losses from illness and exercise, especially in hot weather or in dry climates, there’s no real health advantage to the rumored ‘colorless pee.’”

As you may have imagined, brown poop is completely normal — and so is green feces. See for yourself:

Urine Properties - Toilet Talk

Source: Fix.com Blog

Stool Properties - Toilet Talk

Source: Fix.com Blog

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