College is the optimal place for some budding minds to hit the books and for others to hit the bong. But after a late night of marijuana-fueled vices, hunger can set in quickly and with a fury.

GrubHub has analyzed the food delivery habits of over 350 college campuses to see which is most likely to have students who order a late-night snack between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. College students were 87 percent more likely to order a late-night meal relative to the average diner.

But only one of the colleges also landed on the Princeton Review’s Reefer Madness list for 2013, as one of the easiest places to spark up a joint…

…Ithaca College…

GrubHub Top Of The Class Ranking: 4th

Princeton Review Reefer Madness: 7th

The majestic Finger Lakes along with acres upon acres of wooded forests serve as the backdrop for any weed enthusiasts who may attend Ithaca College, located in Upstate New York.

“You get the chance to pursue interests that are not necessarily a part of your chosen course of study,” an English major stated on the Princeton Review. These "interests" probably include eating a cheeseburger while shaking some “shake” into a peace pipe.

Aside from topping these two lists, Ithaca College has renowned communications and theater programs, which have spawned the likes of Ricky Lake and David Boreanaz, along with a host of ESPN sportscasters and Broadway actors.

GrubHub analysis also found that MIT had the “biggest spenders," while Columbia College in Chicago ate the most ethinically diverse foods. Overall, college students were less healthy with their orders, but also most thrifty, spending about 10 percent less than the average online “GrubHubber”.

Top of the Class: Trends in College Eating

by GrubHub.
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