Have you ever wondered how your mind works? According to The Book of Life, “The most striking feature of our minds is how little we understand them.” We're in our minds 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but we know little about who we really are, or what lies beneath the surface.

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This neuroscience video from The School of Life, posted below, examines our unconscious mind. As the narrator explains, this is the area of the brain that hides the things we’re worried about as well as our desires and hurt feelings. It's where things are kept that don’t have a place inside of the ordered, sensible parts of our brains. The creators of the video believe that the more we examine and light up our mind with consciousness, the more focused and happy we can feel.

The Book of Life writes that it’s natural not to look too closely at these unconscious thoughts as they make us uncomfortable. “We feel troublingly angry towards people we thought we loved. We’re more ruthless and envious than nice people are ever meant to be,” asserts the book. However, ignoring these feelings can result in negative energy. According to the book, this can manifest itself as a simple eye twitch or facial tick (sound familiar?) to more serious issues like addiction.

Neuroscientist David Eagleman told NPR that the brain doesn't like stress. So when there's some sort of unpleasant secret, a part of your brain wants to hide it while the other part fights to expose the information.

So how exactly do you tap into this mysterious part of yourself? Meditation and yoga community Gaia explains there are four ways to tapping into this part of your brain. The first is to relax, which is hard for many of us. Once you find a nice, quiet place, Gaia recommends listening to the rhythm and sound of your breath, which will calm the mind. Follow that up with guided meditation, which you practice habitually.

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To learn more about the mystery that is your subconscious self (and possibly experience an existential crisis as one viewer claims), check out the brief video.

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