You’ve likely heard the phrases “visual,” “kinesthetic,” and “verbal” to describe different styles of learning new information. However, in a new YouTube video, the team at SciShow investigated the accuracy of these descriptions. Their conclusion: are you a visual learner? Yes, but probably so is everyone else.

According to SciShow host Hank Green, when psychologists and teachers test students for their learning style, they are really trying to figure out the students' preferred learning style. For example, visual learners, as you may have guessed, learn best by seeing content in pictures, graphs, and lists. Auditory and verbal learners learn best by hearing and listening. Lastly, kinesthetic learners learn best through hands-on activity.

You may believe you learn best by either reading and listening, or seeing visual cues, but there is little scientific evidence that teaching a student with their preferred style choice produces better results. In fact, very few students classically fit any of these categories.

According to Green, most students thrive best when taught with both visual and verbal teaching methods. For example, regardless of their self-reported preferred learning method, most people are better able to memorize a list if they see it written out, rather than listening to it verbally. In addition, viewing pictures alongside texts also helps most students better remember facts, regardless of whether they are visual or verbal learners.

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