Watch a fraction of double amputee and CrossFit trainer Zach Ruhl’s workout routine and you’ll see exactly what “No Excuses” looks like. Doctors were forced to amputate both of Ruhl’s legs at the age of 2 after he was born with multiple birth defects. Today at the age of 26, he refuses to let anything hold him back and doesn’t really see why his predicament would hinder him in anyway.


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“I just never viewed myself as that different,” Ruhl told Men’s Health. “If I ever thought I had a shot of doing something, I figured I might as well give it a shot.”

Ruhl’s affinity for fitness started back in high school when he used to work out with his football team (I’ll wait while you ruminate on the fact that this man used to play football with no legs). His max-out on the bench at 365 pounds was the score to beat each of his four years in high school. With a passion for fitness already instilled in him, Ruhl decided to work on becoming a trainer soon after graduation.

One other thing that makes Ruhl different than other trainers is that he had to learn how to adapt a unique workout to his unique body. Some of Ruhl’s specially-designed exercises include box jumps with his arms, deadlifts while seated, modified pushups that look like a levitation trick, and muscleups with a 29-pound wheelchair attached to him. But even Ruhl admits he has some limitations: “Obviously I can’t squat for shit.”