Sex can be deadly in routine ways, like when it spreads a disease from one partner to another, whether that sexually transmitted disease is something as treatable as gonorrhea or as potentially lethal as HIV or hepatitis. A heart attack is also a possibility, as AARP notes that about 2 percent of people who have heart attacks were having sex before their episode, a scary prospect, yet nowhere near as likely to cause cardiac arrest as anger or exercise.

Sex is fatal other times because two people did their horizontal dance under risky or strange conditions. “10 Times Sex Killed Someone” lists the weirdest ways this has happened. Some are expected, like an accidental plunge or suffocation and electrocution mishaps, although in fairness one of those fetish scenes included a neo-Nazi.

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But most of the incidents seem too bizarre to be real, like the club bouncer and his girlfriend who were having sex on a piano that regularly lifts into the club’s ceiling to save space — they got lifted by mistake and while the man was crushed, his girlfriend was pinned with his dead body until she was discovered and rescued the next day.

Surprisingly, murder isn’t on the list, which is strange because so many people in horror movies die while having sex.