An interesting new flavor of Watermelon Oreo cookies have been released by Nabisco, just in time for your summer picnics. This interesting limited-edition marriage of fruit and dessert has junk food connoisseurs wondering just how palatable this snack option is.

Despite the fruity appeal, just two of these multicolored crème filled concoctions contain 150 calories, 12 grams of sugar, and seven grams of fat, according to TIME — and of course, no actual fruit. Consumers should probably be more worried about the obvious amount of artificial coloring that must go into the pink and green colored filling.

But are Watermelon Oreos tasty enough to forget about what's listed under nutritional facts list? One bite of this fruit-inspired treat seems to change the minds of its skeptics.

Food blogger Funk Food Guy had his own reservations surrounding Nabisco's newest marketing scheme.

"I opened up these Limited Edition Watermelon Golden Oreos, expecting to smell an awful fake watermelon smell to come wafting out...but nothing. I pressed my nose up watermelon smell. Wait, did I buy the right ones?" Junk Food Guy explains.

All of his doubts were quickly overshadowed by the explosion of flavor he experienced shortly after biting into one.

"As soon as I bit into one of these Limited Edition Watermelon Golden Oreos, I got an immediate light watermelon taste. I'll just say it right off the bat....I liked these. A LOT," he added.

"These DIDN'T overwhelm me with artificial (well, overly artificial) watermelon flavor. Instead the immediate taste I got was a watermelon taste that tasted like, frankly, it had been blended with creme."

For anyone grabbing their keys to go out and satisfy their taste bud curiosity, they are currently available only at Target, for $3 a package. In a letter to TIME, Oreo representative Kimberly Fontes explained the company's motive behind this product reveal.

"We chose Watermelon because it is a fun, summer flavor that goes great with the Golden OREO cookie."