People at Whipped Lightning are enthralled about their latest whipped cream product which was infused with just the right amount of alcohol to require an ID for its purchase. Whipped creams are family-friendly and safe until the company has come up with a way to make it appeal to adventurous people.

Statistics show that alcohol-related vehicular accidents in the U.S. kill one person every 22 minutes. These accidents are the number one causes of deaths among young people. However, the makers of the alcohol-infused whipped cream take this alarming statistics aside in the belief that whipped creams are no longer for kids only. Whipped Lighting believes that it’s about being stylish and sophisticated, as the New York Daily News has quoted the company saying.

People would want to know if this whipped cream is healthy for the body. The company’s website states that they haven’t actually done any tests to determine the calories per serving of their whipped creams. They defend that Whipahol, which is the name of the whipped cream with alcohol, does not fall under the category of food products, thus not subjected to FDA labeling requirements. Whipahol, according to them, is an alcoholic beverage.

Questions float whether the country is now ready to embrace and accept another alcholohic product like the previously headlined Four Loko, an energy drink mixed with alcohol.

Whipahol has been under the microscope, and has been monitored by many concerned people. Dr. Anita Barry of Boston Public Health Department said that consuming one shot of the said product can give a considerably large amount of alcohol. Dr. Barry still added that the whipped cream needs further monitoring for potential abuse.Among the major concerns is if the product label significantly mentions the high alcohol contents of the whipped cream, people might not stop from buying more of the said product. People love trying new things and adventurous ones wouldn’t surely want to miss experiencing the kick in Whipahol.

The General Manager of Wine Emporium, Max Pendolari, located at Tremont Street affirmed that although the product sells for $12.99, it’s “flying off the shelves.” Pendolari expresses his amazement of just how much the store has sold. It only proves that the whipped cream is not another tacky product since in a matter of two weeks, their initial order of the whipped cream was already sold out.

Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health, mentioned that it has been becoming more difficult to keep track of all those alcoholic products being introduced at the market. Nowadays, so many different alcohol-containing products have been invented. Dr. Siegel should be cited for his efforts to put together a grant request so that further studies and records on these alcoholic products can be done and collected. Dr. Siegel believes that there should be a way to track the sales of these alcoholic brands. According to Siegel, there is obviously a need for a good surveillance system to allow the monitoring of such products.