Why Denmark Is Destroying 1.1 Million COVID-19 Vaccines Amid Pandemic

Amid the worldwide efforts to vaccinate as many people as possible during the pandemic, Denmark has decided to destroy 1.1 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Danish health officials announced this week that they would discard millions of vaccines in the coming weeks because they are close to expiring. They said the units were already in excess, as per Al Jazeera.  

The officials admitted they tried to donate the vaccines to developing countries that needed more doses, but their efforts ultimately failed. And since the expiration dates of the units are getting close, they have no other option but to discard them. 

The government agency that maps the COVID-19 situation in Denmark, Statens Serum Institut (SSI), ensured that the virus “is currently under control” and the “vaccine coverage” in the Scandinavian country is already “high.”

As of late, about 81% of Denmark’s 5.8 million population has gotten two doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. On the other hand, almost 62% have already received booster shots. 

“Now there are global challenges with the donation of COVID-19 vaccines, [among others] because … a situation has arisen where the supply of vaccines exceeds the demand,” the SSI explained why they have accumulated a surplus of vaccines. 

The agency continued, “However, in light of declining demand and lack of rollout capacity and willingness to be vaccinated in developing countries, it has been difficult for Denmark and other EU countries to find recipient countries for the excess doses.”

Denmark has already donated 9 million doses of vaccines, and it is still working to find other countries that would be willing to receive the excess units. Despite its efforts, the country has no other choice but to destroy 1.1 million doses that will soon expire. 

The news comes about a week after Denmark became the first country to suspend mass COVID vaccinations because it has already brought the virus under control. Starting May 15, the government will no longer issue vaccination invitations. The booster program will also be suspended but will resume later this year, as per The Telegraph

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