Back in high school, you'd slyly catch a glimpse of the guy across the hall with the chiseled abs and stunning features practicing his Blue Steel pose. Before you got the courage to walk up and say "hi," you see him toss a freshman into a locker as his wolf pack of equally attractive friends cheer him on. Decades later, you may still wonder: "why are good looking people jerks?"

In AsapSCIENCE's video, "Are Good Looking People Jerks?" hosts Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown use a dating graph to explain while it's easy to blame attractive people for being mean, it's your own biases that are manipulating your perception. This is all contingent on who you subconsciously deem worthy of your attention. The world is filled with people that are mean and ugly; ugly and nice; good looking and mean; and good looking and nice.

So, why do the jerks catch your attention?

Chances are you probably have zero interest in people who are mean and ugly, making the dating pool of potential mates smaller. Truthfully, you probably prefer a combination of niceness and good looks, leaving you with a triangle of people you find acceptable and who you'd pay attention to. Now, you're left with people in the pool who you don't find attractive, but are nice. After all, if somebody is nice, you're less likely to be critical of their appearance, which brings down the average of nice people's looks.

All you’re left with in the dating pool is good looking and mean, and good looking and nice. In order for someone mean to be in your radar, chances are they are really attractive for you to pay any attention to them. This makes it seem like more attractive people are jerks.

It's safe to assume those that are attractive and nice are the best catches, and therefore, go off the market quickly, further increasing your perception and bias. Perception becomes skewed, because of the people you don't pay attention to. This makes it seem like good looking people are more likely to be jerks. You're more likely to ignore the ugly jerks.

So, it's not that attractive people are jerks; you just notice them more.