Why Lauren Grabois Fischer’s Be Books Are Becoming A Staple Of A Healthy Elementary School Curriculum

Lauren Grabois Fischer
Lauren Grabois Fischer Lauren Grabois Fischer

As coronavirus spread throughout the world during the past year and a half, it impacted people of all ages, particularly children.

Social distancing regulations have made it more difficult for children to interact with one another due to quarantine restrictions which force them to spend most of their time at home.

 As a result, teachers now have the challenge of teaching children how to interact peacefully and respectfully after they haven't seen each other for such a long time.

One keen observer of such trends has been author Lauren Grabois Fischer. 

 A former teacher herself, Fisher has published numerous children's books under the The Be Books' brand umbrella.

 Lauren's books are a true treasure trove for any teacher. Her lessons are always motivational and uplifting.

Experts widely agree that positive behavioral education is essential to creating a flourishing child and  Fischer's book series provides a colorful, cheerful contrast to our lives in this post-pandemic era.

In particular, children who read the entries are given an illuminating guide on how to treat others respectfully and develop friendship skills that will help them the rest of their lives.

"We all need to see our greatness within, and we need to be confident and proud of who we are," Grabois Fischer urges in her note to readers in her first book, Be Who You Were Meant to Be. "We are sometimes taught to judge and criticize others. Instead, we need to build each other up and be proud of our successes. We need to encourage each other and support each other." 

The Be Books collection includes worksheets and discussion questions at the end of each book which teachers can easily integrate into their classroom curriculum.

Parents who want to prepare their kids for school will also benefit from these engaging and easy-to-read pages, making their kids' first days and weeks of school as smooth as possible.

Head to the website of  The Be Book  to see all the many ways it can help your class or child.

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