What kind of doctor do you dread visiting regularly? Chances are your top answer is the dentist. And why do many people dread visiting the dentist even if they really have to? Well, there’s this thing called “dental anxiety.”

Dental anxiety basically means you’re scared of the pain about to be inflicted by all those shiny metal needles, drills, dental pliers and what have you lined-up menacingly beside the dentist’s chair. Statistics showed there’s a one in four chance a dental patient will suffer from dental anxiety.

Surprisingly, it has recently been found that cannabidiol (CBD) oil can be effective in curing dental anxiety. Anecdotal evidence suggests CBD oil can help relieve dental anxiety. But more and more scientists and dentists support this claim.

One practicing dentist recently wrote CBD oil “is great to use prior to and following dental work.”

According to Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS, CBD shows major promise in helping get rid of jitters at the dental clinic. He said patients should try CBD oil even if they’ve had a less-than-optimal dental experience in the past or are just plain scared of going for a checkup.

“I believe that your mouth — and your worry factor — will thank you,” Burhenne said. He then went on to say that CBD occurs naturally in hemp plants that contain very low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which produces the “high” associated with marijuana or cannabis use.

“Often, the first question patients ask when I recommend CBD oil is, ‘Can I use CBD oil . . . really?’” he said. “While I understand the confusion, the answer is a definitive yes.”

He explained that CBD connects with brain receptors in a different way and causes none of the same intoxicating effects as THC. Burhenne said CBD oil’s notable ability to bind to the brain without leading to a high makes it more favorable than THC.

CBD also contributes to maintaining good oral microbiome. Burhenne said conventional mouthwashes can disturb good oral microbiome, and this could badly affect oral health. He pointed out CBD oil, which is typically taken by mouth, preserves the integrity of a healthy mouth in addition to providing health benefits.

For those who want to try CBD oil for their next visit to the dentist, Burhenne recommends the Certified USDA Organic CBD oil. As for dosage, he said patients need to take 1.5 milligrams for every 10 pounds of weight the day prior. Patients would then have to repeat this dose in the morning before the dental appointment.

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