The term "daddy issues" is common in society. When you say that someone has daddy issues, as this video from The School of Life explains, what you’re really saying is that someone wants a kind, fair, good and supportive dad. But not in a nice way. However, it’s understandable you’d crave this, especially during times of need when you could use the support. In fact, many religions have shown their divinities as being father figures. In Christianity for example, God is the heavenly father. This is also seen in secular cultures, too, as the video points out, as the creators of our constitution in America are known as the founding fathers.

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As children, we all need protection. We are delicate, after all, and need to be protected. The desire to have a dad is simply natural, and a grown man is impressive to children. Father knows best, it seems, as dad is up-to-date on current events, politics, how to drive, perform tricky tasks like peel avocados, and all of life’s other mysteries. Dads go to bed late but are awake before we are.

School of LIfe explains that those who have daddy issues didn’t have good fathers growing up. Fathers can be lacking in many ways. Maybe dad was too caught up at work, gave another sibling too much attention, or simply wasn’t emotionally there for his kids. The adult who wants a father isn’t the result of having a good father, the video says, it’s the result of feeling abandoned.

It’s not weird to want someone to take care of us. Someone who is tough and can make our problems go away. A dad who is proud and loves us as we are. We can look for daddies in politics, in friendships or work, according to the video. However, this isn’t healthy, as no one can live up to our expectations, even if they want to. Eventually we’ll realize that they are flawed, just as we all are.

It’s also not healthy for these replacement father figures to attempt to step into the role. Good people know that they don’t have this power and can’t fulfill the need for a dad. A good father doesn’t pretend to be all powerful. Instead, good dads know their limits and that they can’t save us from everything. Fathers do what they can to help us grow, and that’s all that’s possible.

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It’s easy to mock or be frustrated with people who have daddy issues and to poke fun at their replacement, the narrator says. However, this usually makes them more devoted to their idealized father. What we really need is someone who represents the actions of a good father. Someone who wants what’s good for us and helps us come to terms with our problems.

To find out more about daddy issues, watch the whole video:

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