After a day on the lam, Lindsay Lohan checked herself into the Betty Ford Center late last night. In a recent tear-filled interview with David Letterman, the Liz & Dick star acknowledged that she needs help for drug and alcohol addiction

Here are four celebrities who beat their addictions at the famous rehab center:

Drew Barrymore (Alcohol)
As a child star, Barrymore struggled with alcoholism and checked herself into the center at the tender age of 13. She returned again a year later after a suicide attempt. (Alcohol is complicit in nearly a third of all suicide attempts, according to the CDC.) The actress has not relapsed since 1989.

Chevy Chase (Pain killers)
The comedian stayed at the center in 1986 to treat his abuse of prescription drugs. In a New York Times Op-ed, he recounted how founder Betty Ford would "personally survey the clinic" and often listen to "those who were lucky enough to face their problems." Prescription pill overdoses kill 15,000 Americans a year.

Ozzy Osbourne (Alcohol)
The British rockstar was famously tricked into entering the clinic after his wife Sharon told him there was a bar in the building. He's been sober since 1984. Adult alcohol consumption has steadily declined in Britain for over a decade, and fewer teenagers are binge drinking in recent years, according the UK Office for National Statistics.

Robert Downey, Jr. (Cocaine & Heroin)
Downey claims to have used hard drugs since the age of 8. Drug use among children has fluctuated over the last two decades, but cocaine has become less popular in recent years.

After going to jail for violating probation, he spent two months at the clinic in 1998 to treat heroin and cocaine addiction. While it's been an uphill battle, the Ironman star has remained sober for over a decade.