Major League Baseball player Wilson Ramos, who was kidnapped in Venezuela earlier this week, was rescued alive by Venezuelan police on Friday.

Ramos, 24, was rescued from a mountainous area in Carabobo, in the northern part of the country, the same state in which he was abducted.

"I was always asking God and he made the miracle for me to send these wonderful people," the player said referring to the team that rescued him, according to the El Universal newspaper.

In his first declarations after been freed, Ramos said his captors had a "Colombian accent" and kept him for three days in "a room, a bed, laying there, it was very hard to think whether I would come out alive," he said.

Ramos, who plays for the Washington Nationals, also said that he feared for his life during his rescue raid because of an exchange of gunfire.

"I was very nervous at the moment of my rescue, I heard a lot of gunfire, thank God they did a great job," he said.

At least five kidnappers were arrested in connection with the ballplayer's abduction. Ramos was seized at gunpoint outside his mother's home Wednesday night and taken away in an SUV.