Staten Island native, Sophie Ferrara, who currently lives near Chesapeake City, Maryland, has a birthday wish, to reach 5,000 Facebook friends by her 102nd birthday, tomorrow.

Ferrara, currently has 4,860 friends, and counting. Ferrara, is only 140 people away from her birthday goal of 5,000 Facebook friends, in less than 9 hours.

The pleasant 101 year old, Ferrara and her family set a goal to reach the maximum amount of friends allowed by Facebook, by tomorrow.

Ferrara, grew in popularity this summer when she was recovering from a broken hip. Her daughter was posting updates on Facebook about how she was holding up. Ferrara, returned home from rehab on September 27th.

Ferrara’s granddaughter, Diane Scuderi posted “Sophie Ferrara (Nana)” Facebook page on her 100th birthday, and told PIX that she is, “the peoples Nana.”

Ferrara told PIX News that her secret to living a long life is to, “be good, help people, and live a clean life.”

Her Facebook page can be found here.