A Florida Woman has given birth to twins, one from each of her wombs, according to a report.

The St. Petersburg Times reported that Andreea Barbosa gave birth Sept 15. to Nathan and Natalie after being diagnosed with a rate medical condition that enabled her to fertilize two eggs, in a “divided” womb.

"It was definitely a shocker," Barbosa, 24, told the Times. “I was frightened and scared – a little bit of everything in one.”

The resulting condition meant that each womb delivered a baby, with the first recorded case of such a happening last year from Utah, where a woman gave birth at different times due to the fact that each womb operated separately.

Her obstetrician, Dr. Patricia St. John, said the odds of such a pregnancy were about 1 in 5 million, since a woman would have to release two eggs at once and both would have to be fertilized and implanted successfully in separate uteruses and both ha to develop into viable pregnancies, according to the report.

Last year a woman was also reported as having conceived two and a half weeks after the woman became pregnant with a second child, known as superfetation.

In 1961, a woman with two uteruses also gave birth, having also had two cervices, which separately conceived two healthy babies.

Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater say that both Nathan and Natalie Barbosa are healthy are a C-Section was given last Thursday.