Doriana Silva, a former employee at, has filed suit against the controversial dating site claiming that she injured her wrist while “being forced to type up 1,000 fake female profiles.” She is seeking $21 million dollars for unjust enrichment and damages.

“Doriana’s injuries are permanent and her prognosis is uncertain,” the lawsuit states.

Silva is a Brazilian immigrant who became an employee in the company’s Toronto office. She says that she was hired to help launch a version of the dating site, which is for married people seeking discreet extramarital encounters, in Portuguese. Upon being hired, she was reportedly asked to create fake female profiles to trick males into joining the site.

“The purpose of these profiles is to entice paying heterosexual male members to join and spend money on the website,” says the suit. “They do not belong to any genuine members of Ashley Madison, or any real human beings at all.”

After typing up a huge number of profiles, Silva says she began to experience pain in her wrists and forearm. She requested a wrist rest so that she could type with less pain, but the company allegedly ignored her complaints. Silva claims that the pain became so severe that it rendered her unable to do her job. She hasn’t worked since leaving Ashley Madison in 2011 and “remains seriously disabled in many if not all aspects of her life.”

In addition, she was not granted workers compensation or insurance. As a result, Silva owes large amounts of money for physiotherapy and other treatments. Ashley Madison spokesman Paul Keable says the company tried to make reasonable accommodations for Silva’s injury, but her injuries did not warrant immediate attention based on an evaluation at the time.

“Our head of [human resources] at the time and [Silva’s] manager did arrange to have her evaluated, given the timing of her injury, and an independent insurance auditor failed to find her credible and as such, refused her claim,” Keable claimed.

Silva is not just seeking money in damages suffered based on her losing employment and racking up medical bills. She is seeking compensation based on how much the site made through the profiles she created.