A woman in Oklahoma declined treatment for cancer in order to save her baby's life, according to NewsOK.com, the site of the Oklahoman newspaper.

Stacie Crimm, 41, learned in March about her pregnancy although she had been told that she would never be able to get pregnant. But in July she began to have severe headaches, double vision and tremors in her entire body.

She was diagnosed with head and neck cancer, her brother Ray Phillips told the paper.

"I hope I live long enough to have this baby," Phillips recalls her sister as saying.

On August 18, Crimm had to give birth to her 2.1 pounds daughter Dottie Mae, via C-section given complications in her health, according to the report.

She entered intensive care that day and her daughter went to a neonatal intensive care unit. At that time, doctors said a cancer treatment plan could offer "small chance of surviving" for Crimm.

Crimm wasn't able to sign the baby's birth certificate but the report says that nurses at the hospital brought her the baby so she could hold her.

Three days later the woman died, according to the report.