For the young princess, it's a tantalizing prospect to be just like Mommy. But through adolescence and the pimply, unjustified teenage years, adoration turns to revulsion, and the mere thought of her mother induces nausea and vomiting. But according to a recent poll, once a woman has her first child, around age 31, the transformation into her mother has inevitably begun.

The poll, which was conducted by British gambling website, asked 1,000 women a list of questions related to their identity, preferences, behaviors, and lifestyle. Numerous data from the poll reveals the overwhelming propensity for women to display similar mannerisms as their mothers once they bear their first child, most commonly around 31 years old.

More than half of the respondents listed their mother as the most inspirational woman in their lives, and 36 percent said giving birth — actually becoming a mother — was the most obvious inspiration for becoming like their own mother.

Other popular indicators include watching the same TV shows (chosen by 24 percent), taking up the same hobbies (16 percent), parroting the mother's sayings (15 percent), and finding the same type of men attractive (nine percent).

Fifty-two percent of respondents said 30 to 35 was the most common age range when women turn into their mothers. Within that group, 27 percent selected 31 as the most common. The next most popular range, 35 to 40, garnered half the popularity of 30 to 35, with 26 percent. Only five percent said the transformation happens when a woman is in her 20s.

Dotty Bingo commissioned the poll after research found 80 percent of female bingo players picked up the hobby from a female relative.