Although it’s not the first commercial highlighting the use of marijuana, it is said to be the world’s first commercial regarding the use of recreational marijuana. Canadian-based cannabis seed developer, Crop King Seeds, released the commercial earlier this month while a majority of states in U.S. consider following in the footsteps of Washington and Colorado by legalizing marijuana for both recreational and medical use.

“This is the world's first professional commercial for marijuana,” King Crop Seeds said in its YouTube description. “We wanted something that not just advertise our company but also something that promotes a healthier alternative to alcohol and tobacco. We want to break the stigma that marijuana has earned from years of media brainwash and manipulation. Share this video if you know someone who has been a victim of their brainwashing, misinformation or just plain ignorance. Give them 'a better choice' and help this miracle plant escape the notoriety is does not deserve!”

The commercial, which takes place at a liquor store, focuses on the hazards of alcohol abuse compared to recreational marijuana use. The actor playing the store clerk refers to alcohol as “the liquid alternative,” adding it is “the kind that leads to violence, social problems, the occasional gruesome death." President Barrack Obama recently added fuel to the fire of the marijuana vs. alcohol safety debate by telling The New Yorker “I don’t think it (marijuana) is more dangerous than alcohol.”