A Reddit user uploading an image of the gonorrhea billboards on display in Gillette, Wyo., — and other states — should probably be taking notes.

The billboard in question reads, “Wyoming has gonorrhea. Do you? Get a free HIV/STD test at knowyo.org.” BuzzFeed Life reported that “KnoWyo” is part of the Wyoming Department of Health’s STD prevention program. The website includes information on STDs, testing, unintended pregnancy, and myths surrounding STDs. There’s also a quiz people can take to test their general knowledge.

More importantly, people visiting the site can get a voucher that gives them access to free or low-cost testing at any of the state’s 42 health clinics — smart, considering restricted access to clinics only seems to drive STD rates up. If not for gonorrhea, then perhaps for HIV and other STDs. These billboards making passerby go “WTF,” as BuzzFeed put it, are ultimately to help prevent people from becoming a statistic. More than 2,000 people in Wyoming are reportedly diagnosed with chlamydia each year, and just this past summer there was an outbreak of gonorrhea.

"Wyoming has STDS. Do you?" Screen shot via knowyo.org

“We found that direct, candid messages direct more people to the site and prompt them to get testing vouchers [more] than coy advertising techniques,” Molly Adami, field epidemiologist for Wyoming’s health department, told BuzzFeed.

Studies show that gonorrhea and chlamydia tend to be the most prevalent STDs among younger populations, not just young men and women in Wyoming. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that “youth bear a disproportionate share of STDs”: Americans age 15 to 24 make up just 27 percent of the sexually active population, but account for 50 percent of the 20 million new STDs in the U.S. each year.