Xcelience, a leader in early drug contract development, has expanded formulation development and manufacturing capabilities to include a Piccola B10 Minipress. This 10-station table top rotary tablet press enables clients to make an early assessment of how the developed process and formula will perform in production, which can shorten development time and lead to early identification and resolution of potential formulation issues. The ability to cost-effectively produce small batch sizes in the experimental area while obtaining all of the necessary processing parameters is an additional advantage.

Equipped with a data acquisition and analysis system (The Director Software V4 Scalability Program), the Piccola B10 Minipress provides clients with detailed analysis such as compaction profiles, strain rate studies, single compaction event investigation and statistical analysis of each production run.

“Adding a bench scale tablet press in the experimental area is consistent with our strategy of providing equipment appropriately scaled to the needs of our clients,” says Paul Skultety, Ph.D., Director of Pharmaceutical Development Services. “The Piccola scales nicely to our existing Fette 1200i instrumented press in our cGMP manufacturing area, and helps clients build towards improved manufacturing outcomes in a manner consistent with the FDA’s Quality by Design initiative.”