Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem that affects around 5 percent of men aged 40 and older. It also affects up to 25 percent of men aged 65 years or older, as reported by WebMD. The rate at which individuals experience this problem has significantly increased in the past few years. The condition can be caused by a variety of elements and is not necessarily due to aging. WebMD reports that while this condition is most common in men over the age of 75, it can affect men at any age, even while they are at a young age. Healthline also reports that several disorders and illnesses have been linked to ED, including:

  • Endocrine diseases
  • Neurological and nerve disorders
  • Certain medications, such as synthetic hormones and cancer chemotherapy medication
  • Cardiac-related diseases
  • Several lifestyle and emotional conditions

An entry in the Well Being magazine explained that ED could be induced by lifestyle factors such as alcohol use, smoking, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and diabetes. This all affects the way blood flows to the penis. When this happens, men find it harder to gain and keep an erection.

Perhaps a lesser known way to improve ED is yoga. The practice can help the body by improving overall cardiovascular health and by reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga also helps the body relax, which is one of the main factors that assists with gaining a proper erection.

Here are the seven best poses you can do.

1. Naukasana

Naukasana, also known as the boat pose, can help activate sexual hormones in men. The pose also helps men last longer in bed by strengthening their buttocks, thigh muscles, and hips. This pose can be combined with one of the top male enhancement pills for better effects.

This pose is done by lying down on the floor with your arms beside your body and feet against each other. Inhale. While keeping your arms straight, start to exhale. As you exhale, you should lift your feet and chest off the floor. This position should then be held for up to 10 consecutive breaths. Slowly breathe out and lower your feet and chest to the starting position.

2. Kumbhakasana

Kumbhakasan, also known as the plank pose, is known to help combat ED. This pose also enhances endurance during sexual performance. Upper body strength is also increased through this pose.

To do this pose, start by laying down flat on your stomach. You should keep your palms at the side of your face. Bend your feet in a way that your toes are pushing off the ground. You should now use your hands to push your body and raise your buttocks while keeping your legs parallel to the floor below you. This position should be held for as long as you possibly can. Only then slowly bring your body back to the starting position.

3. Uttanpadasana

Uttanpadasana, also known as the raised legs pose, is known to provide an intense effect on the core of your body. It also assists with the quads and the glutes. This will increase your performance and make you last longer during sex. Bonus: the pose also increases energy and assists with blood flow to your pelvic area.

This pose is done while lying flat on your back. You then place your hands on either side of your body with your palms facing down to the floor. Start to inhale in a slow pace and lift your legs about 45 to 60 degrees from the ground while inhaling. You should hold this posture for up to 20 seconds, and then slowly start to relax your posture as you exhale. This pose should be repeated three or four times a day.

4. Paschimottanasana

Paschimottanasana, also known as the seated forward bend, improves endurance and strengthens perineal muscles, the group found between the anus and the scrotum (or vulva in women). Apart from assisting with gaining an erection, this pose also helps you to last longer during sex.

This pose is done in a sit-up position. Your legs should be straight in front of you with your spine in a straight-up position. Flex your toes towards you. Start to breathe in while raising both your arms over your head. Stretch up. Now, while breathing out, you need to bend forward from your hip joints with your chin moving in towards your toes. Your spine should be kept in a straight position as you reach for your toes. Breathe in again and lift your head slightly while also lengthening your spine. Finally, move your navel towards your knees as you slowly breathe out.

5. Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana, also known as the bow pose, stimulates the reproductive organs. This pose assists with multiple functions that are related to sexual problems, including but not limited to ED. It also helps treat premature ejaculation and allows the yogi to have stronger orgasms.

This pose is done in a flat position on the ground. Start by lying down on your stomach. Your feet should be hip-width apart, and your arms should be by the side of your body. Now fold your knees, and then hold your ankles. While breathing in, you need to lift your chest off the ground and, at the same time, pull your legs back and up. Keep this pose for 15 to 20 seconds and then gently bring your chest and legs back to the starting position, all the while exhaling at a slow pace. You can then release your ankles and relax your entire body.

6. Ardha Ushtrasana

Ardha Ushtrasana, also known as the half camel pose, is known to have a positive effect on a man’s urogenital system. The pose also assists with toning the entire body. This is the perfect pose for men who cannot do Ustrasana.

Start by sitting in Vajrasana position with your knees separated. Your feed should be hip-width apart. You now need to rise onto your knee. Your arms should stay at the side of your body. Now twist to your right side and use your right hand to hold your left knee. The next step is to stretch your left arm out in front of your head until your hand reaches eyebrow height. Finally, you need to push your hips forward while trying to keep your thighs in a vertical position. Hold this position for 30 seconds while breathing normally. After the 30 seconds, slowly return to the starting position and repeat the same pose on the other side (left hand, right heel).

7. Ardha Chandrasana

Ardha Chandrasana, also known as the half-moon pose, also assists with toning the pelvic area. This pose also provides health benefits to the urogenital system in men. It is also known that this pose improves endurance and stamina, which assists with a man’s overall sexual performance.

This pose is done in a stand-up position. While standing, point your one foot forward and the other one a step back. The back foot should be turned outwards while you open up your hips. While bending the leading leg forward, you need to place your hand on the floor in front of you. Now you need to rotate the raised hip and vertically align your hips. The pose can also be done diagonally if the straight version is too challenging. Hold the position and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.

Final word

Men of all ages are at risk of experiencing problems with their sexual functionality. When a man experiences problems with their sexual performance, they could be suffering from ED. Many treatment options such as Viagra come with side-effects such as flashes and headaches. Switching up your routine to include these essential yoga poses can help you combat ED. These poses can also be combined with a product such as Andro 400, which is known to melt away belly fat and increase a man’s sex drive. They can also assist with increasing the blood flow to your penis, which helps you gain an erection faster. This also assists with maintaining an erection for a larger period.

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