“It kind of happened organically,” said New Jersey mom, Laura Kasperzak, referring to her large number of Instagram followers (approximately 782,000 as of Thursday afternoon). The 36-year-old self-proclaimed yoga mom said she practices alone and with her two children and husband, the NY Daily News reported.

photo 2
Her kids practice with her because they think it's fun. Laura Kasperzak Instagram
photo 5
Laura and her husband doing a handstand. Laura Kasperzak Instagram

“It’s about teaching them to stay active and get on the mat with me and play around — they [her children] think it’s fun.”

In order to help her Instagram fans, Kasperzak set up a Nikon camera to capture her gracefully moving into each pose. She said that she started the account in March 2012, after her niece urged her to do it.

photo 6
Kasperzak with her daughter in matching outfits. Laura Kasperzak Instagram

She isn’t the only famous social media mom. Maria Kang, also known as “Fit Mom,” caused a stir on Facebook after posting a photo and captioning it: “What’s your excuse?” The photo depicted Maria with her three young sons, along with her rock hard abs and a two-piece workout outfit.

Kasperzak teaches yoga twice a week at North Jersey and works full-time at a software company. She also runs a website with a friend called, Two Fit Moms.

photo 4
Kasperzak, a New Jersey Mom has become and Instagram sensation with over 782k followers. Laura Kasperzak Instagram
photo 1
Kasperzak has been practicing yoga for 17 years. Laura Kasperzak Instagram

“It’s tough juggling everything — it’s a lot of early mornings. That’s usually when I practice,” she said.