The Occupy Wall Street movement has not only influenced protests in cities around the world but has also made an impact on an aspiring rapper who is targeting the younger generation with a message pointing out economic inequality, urging them to seek change for a better future.

The message is going out through the Web in a music video released Wednesday that was shot two weeks ago at Zuccotti Park in New York’s financial district, the site where protesters had been camped out for nearly two months, before their eviction Wednesday morning.

One striking image from the video shows a tombstone engraved with the words “Middle Class.”

“You gotta run, baby run don’t stop until you reach your goals, make a lifelong change build a future home, young kids are in school, unemployment grows, let’s do it for the world, that’s what youth holds,” raps Rew York, 23, whose real name is Andrew Febbraro. The video is entitled “Run (The Occupy Movement Endures)” and also features vocals by Dakota McLeod.

The rapper told Medical Daily that “change” inspired him to do the video and that he is “all for” anything that has to do with “the benefit of our future as well as the hardworking citizens of this country.”

“I was inspired by the idea of change…I was inspired by the people, the fact that they came together to fight for change in this country,” he said. “It is a beautiful thing because it has been a very long time since we've seen the people come together trying to enforce change.”

The Message

Rew York, a student at the Institute of Audio Research in New York, hopes the video will teach the young generation about what’s happening on Wall Street and why the movement keeps making headlines.

He says change is “not only for us” but also for “our children … who don’t know enough yet to understand what is going on.”

Some people are not being treated equally, he says.

“What is wrong with equality?” he asked. “People make it seem like equality is wrong.”

“We the people as a whole make up this country. Not the small portion of wealth alone,” he said.

In the video he questions whether the wealthy understand what the protests are about.

“For those that live in riches, do you understand the vision? Maybe not, because you’re too selfish to take a listen,” he says.

Watch the video below:

Run (The Occupy Movement Endures)