According to a new study from dream education group DreamsCloud, in collaboration with the research firm YouGov, your level of education may play a role in determining what you dream about at night.

It’s fairly obvious that our dreams are influenced by outside stimuli. “The dreaming mind has this really cool way of seemingly flawlessly incorporating the outside interference into the storyline of the dream,” Lauri Loewenberg, a certified dream analyst, told The Huffington Post. Dreams are impacted by smells, sounds, the position you sleep in, the food you’ve just eaten, or the medications just taken. Dreams can be influenced by people you know, as well as your current state of mind — whether you’re depressed or anxious. But in the new study, dream researchers now say that what happens when you’re asleep has another major factor — education.

Researchers reviewed a sample of over 1,150 American adults, and compared the level of their education with who, and what, they dreamt about. They discovered that only 33 percent of the general population has dreams about their coworkers, while 49 percent of people with post-graduate degrees did. Meanwhile, people with post-grad degrees are less likely to dream about getting a raise or promotion, but are more likely to have dreams about deadlines. “We dream about what concerns us most,” Dr. Angel Morgan, an author of the study and a dream researcher, told The Huffington Post. “When you look at education level, what concerns us most is going to be reflected and influenced in our dreams … it just makes sense.”