Onset of migraine can be crippling, it can bring your life to a standstill. Avoid getting beaten by your headache and make note of what seems to bring it on.

Health experts suggest keeping a headache diary and noting the activities that you were doing or things you were eating before the onset of your headache. Here are few things that can give rise to those blinding headaches:

1) Emotional stress is one of the most common factors known to cause migraine. Do not carry work home and do not allow family issues to pester your mind.

2) Lack of proper sleep causes crippling headaches the next day. And if one is sleep deprived for days on end, a migraine is just round the corner.

3) Extreme fatigue resulting from one of the reasons above can result in the onset of migraine too. Also, be careful of how much you work out.

4) Skipping meals results in flatulence and acidity. Both these are known to cause migraine headaches.

5) If you are addicted to caffeine, migraine headaches could be round the corner. Avoid taking too much of coffee, especially before falling asleep.

6) Cheese, wine and processed meat is also known to cause headaches if taken excessively. Avoid excessive intake in the evenings.

7) Other factors: Bright lights, a sudden change in weather and extreme exposure to sunlight are other known factors for migraine.

Once you realize the triggers that set off migraine pains, make an effort to beat them. Here is how you can do that:

1) Watch what you eat. Eliminate any item that brings on even the mildest of headaches.

2) This is a simple and sure way of avoiding that dreaded headache

3) Avoid fasting or skipping meals as hunger pangs can have adverse effect. The gases that collect in the stomach and intestine could cause severe migraine

4) Do not overdo caffeine intake. Also avoid foods with added Monosodium Glutamate also known as Ajino Moto

5) Get at least seven hours of shut eye every night to balance your body’s internal mechanism

6) Avoid sweating it out too hard in the gym; instead try slow, mind and body type of fitness regime like yoga or tai-chi or Pilates.

7) Beat stress! Cope with emotional upheavals by trying out de-stressing activities.Anxiety or worry can constrict blood flow to head which triggers migraine.