On Sunday, football fans around the world will tune in for what some consider the greatest show on earth: Super Bowl 50. Millions of football fans — and non-fans alike — will park themselves in front of their TV to watch, and many of them will hold Super Bowl parties filled with food and drinks. The average American, on this day, will eat over 6,000 calories, or about three times as much as the recommended daily intake. (That’s on top of the 10 pounds they supposedly gain if they watch football all season.)

But having a Super Bowl party doesn’t have to mean stuffing your face with endless chicken nuggets, chips, dips, fries, or pizza. It doesn’t mean you have to stick to vegetarian options in an unhappy attempt to reduce calories, either. Surely there are ways to indulge while still eating healthy, right?

Click “View Slideshow” to check out nine of our favorite healthy appetizers. They’re great for kicking off your Super Bowl party.